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When your garage door cable breaks or gets twisted, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly as it prevents the door from lifting. A malfunctioning garage door cable can lead to multiple problems with the operation of your garage door.

There are several reasons why these cables may fail, but fortunately, they are relatively straightforward to repair. Trust in Elite Garage Door Repairs for reliable service. Schedule an appointment with us for either garage door cable repair or installation. We use premium cables to ensure your garage door functions smoothly and safely again.

Our team of skilled technicians is available seven days a week, ensuring that you can access same-day service for your convenience.


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garage door cable repair

Garage Door Cable Issues

Despite the fact that garage door cables are quite sturdy, there are several reasons why the cabels cease functioning as they should.

Cable deterioration over time is one of the most typical reasons for damaged garage door cables. Wires may be made from many different kinds of materials. They often endure several months and two years, depending on how resilient they are. By lubricating your cables, you can extend their lifespan, but eventually, you’ll need to replace them.

Frayed cables are one cause of damaged cable. Your wires start to fray when they touch against certain door accessories. Door jamming can occur when a wire is simply frayed on the exterior in the early stages, however, after a long time, a cable may get damaged and shatter. Replace any broken garage door wires with new ones.

Cables are frequently made out of metal. Although strong, it has significant drawbacks. Rust on garage door cables can cause creaking or even block your door if your garage has a high humidity level or if isolating is inadequate to keep your walls dry.

Damage might be done by damaged or blocked cables. Due to unclean surroundings or a shortage of lubrication, cables clog. Now more than ever, it is essential to plan basic maintenance and checkups in order to prevent these issues.

Types of Cables and Uses

On the majority of new garage doors, there are a number of different cables in use, and each has an important purpose.

Garage door torsion spring and extension spring door designs require lifting cables. They operate the garage door’s lowering and raising mechanisms. Broken lift wires are simple to identify since they make the garage door move awkwardly. If these cables break, we can replace them with new ones; if they only get twisted, we can fix the one you already have.

Cables used in torsion spring systems are wound around drums and fastened to the bottom bracket on either side of the door. The wire is run up to the door’s torsion springs.

The torsion springs are wound with the cables, which enables them to produce and release the force required to lift the door. The door won’t open if the lift cable fails because the springs cannot wind.

Cables are linked to the bottom bracket on each side of the doors in extension spring systems. The cable is shown via a pulley that is fastened to the extension spring and up the length of the door. The top track supporting bracket and the pulley are both attached to the extension spring.

In systems with extension spring doors, retaining cables are employed. The cable serves as a fail-safe mechanism in the event that the extension springs fail.

In the event that the extension spring breaks, the garage door retention springs, are threaded in the middle of the extension cable. Should stop the damaged spring from flying off.

Extension springs may be unable to raise a door because of broken holding cables. Torsion spring systems do not utilize retaining cables, often known as safety cables. Retaining cables is a need if you are using an extension spring arrangement for your personal safety. As a safety measure, these cables keep the extension springs from spreading if they break.

Homeowners may manually operate their garage door with this cable rather than depending on the spring system.

A locking mechanism, a safety or retention cable, and an extension spring make up an extension garage door spring. By preventing the garage door spring from sliding downward in the event that the primary garage door cable breaks, this component serves as a backup.

Why Trust Us as Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company

Always rely on a reputable firm whenever your garage door has to be fixed. The wires on your door must be placed correctly, as well as the garage door cables must adhere to safety standards. You can only ensure that all is in order and that you’re secure by adhering to them.

We at Elite Garage Door Repairs have indeed been fixing and changing garage door cables for more than ten years. We will always make the recommendation that is best for your circumstances, and we’ll do all we can to resolve any problems you may be experiencing as soon as possible.

In order to guarantee that we can offer you same-day assistance for any garage problem you may experience, our team of qualified specialists works seven days a week.

Our technicians can potentially end up saving you money and hassle. Doors that have been mended properly endure longer and you won’t have to worry about something being incorrectly fastened.

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