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When you have trouble with your garage door, it’s inconvenient and serious damage can lower the curb appeal of your home. Luckily, if you live in Little Falls, New Jersey or the surrounding areas, you can call Elite Garage Door Repairs for a quick fix!

The Type of Garage Doors We Work With

We work with some of the top brands of garage doors, including Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton garage doors. Before installing any of these options, we’ll come out, assess your garage, discuss your options, and offer you an estimate of how much your new garage door will be for
materials and installation. From there, our trained technicians can help you come up with a more detailed renovation plan!

As for materials, we offer steel garage doors when we install this equipment. Steel garage doors offer a variety of benefits over other materials when it comes to concepts like durability, energy
efficiency, and more.

modern garage door

Advantages of Steel Garage Doors and Why We Prefer Them

We offer steel garage doors as our replacements and we recommend them for good reason!

For one, steel is an incredibly durable material so they make really strong garage doors that will last you years to come. On top of that, steel garage doors aren’t likely to rust, warp, crack, or even catch fire. Plus, all of this comes with low maintenance for you to keep up with as the years go on.

Steel garage doors are also great when it comes to opening up your energy bill. These types of garage doors are insulated and will help take the weight off of any cooling or heating system
you use.

You can also rely on steel doors to provide a bit of a noise barrier. While not completely
soundproof, you’ll find outside sounds dampened when you close a steel garage door.

Finally, they offer a lot of options as far as appearances go. So, you’ll be able to find a garage
door option that fits your needs and preferences.

reasons to replace your garage door

● Curb appeal. A damaged or worn-down garage door doesn’t always look good or
maybe the garage door you have just doesn’t work for you anymore as far as
appearances go. Replacing your garage door can really refresh the appearance of your

● Security. At the end of the day, a garage door is meant to act as a barrier to your
garage like your front door is a barrier to your home. You may be especially concerned if
you keep valuable equipment in your garage or have an attached garage. Either way, a
new, stronger garage door can help increase security to keep you and your belongings

● Replacing a damaged garage door. There are times when your garage doors are
damaged and you can get away with replacing a panel or two. Yet, damage like
extensive warping or something that affects the majority of your garage door may benefit
from a full replacement. Full replacements are also a common choice if you can’t match
the new panels to the surrounding original ones.

● Replacing an old garage door. Just like anything else, the effect of time will take a toll
on your garage door, and eventually it’ll need to be replaced. You might see this in the form of damage taken over time such as rusting or the efficiency of the door fading over
time. On average, most garage doors last between 15 and 30 years after their initial
installation barring any serious damage.

How to maintain and take care of the garage door

Once we’ve installed your new steel garage door, regular maintenance will help make sure it
lasts as long as possible.

There are a few things you can do right away to help extend the life of your garage doors. For
instance, using a protective primer when you paint will help strengthen your doors even more.

For one, you’ll want to keep your door clean. This doesn’t mean you have to go out with soap
and water every day but make sure you clean it about twice a year. This is particularly important
if you live near a beach where the door is frequently exposed to the salt in the air. The system
should be oiled twice a year as well to keep everything running lubricated and efficiently.

While steel is rust-resistant, if you do happen to see any rust, you’ll want to address the problem
immediately before it spreads. This is usually removed by sanding the area.

What is a Garage Door Insulation?

garage door insulation

Much like your home, a garage door is usually insulated to help regulate the internal
temperature. This means if you’re running a fan, air conditioner, heater, or central air system in
your garage, this insulation will help maintain that temperature regulation.

Without insulation in your garage door, that cool or warm air will leak out easier and the
opposing temperature air from outside will get in. This means your system will have to work
harder to keep the ideal temperature that you’ve set it at. With an insulated garage door, your
system doesn’t have to work as hard and operates with greater energy efficiency.

Why Trust Us to Install Your Garage Door?

You have a lot of options when it comes to replacing your garage door, so why choose us? For
one, we can offer you high-quality steel garage doors that will last you years to come from top
brands, all made in the U.S.A.

On top of that, we understand how frustrating and inconvenient it is when your garage isn’t
working properly. That’s why our expert technicians are available seven days a week to answer
any trouble you might have. Once they arrive, they’ll keep you up to speed on everything they
find and offer you a free estimate for the services they suggest before getting started.

All in all, we want the chance to work with you to make sure your garage is back up and running
efficiently in no time at all!

garage door brands
garage door brands
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