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When experiencing issues with garage door panels, it’s not always necessary to invest in a brand-new garage door. Often, replacing the entire door is an excessive measure. In many cases, simply repairing or replacing the panels is sufficient.

The panels form the exterior of the garage door, playing a crucial role in home security and energy efficiency, particularly when they are insulated. A damaged panel can compromise the door’s overall functionality. Since these panels are interconnected to create the entire door, replacing one or two damaged panels is often more feasible than replacing the whole door.

At Elite Garage Door Repairs, our team of skilled and experienced technicians is adept at resolving any garage door issue. We focus on providing the most practical and efficient solutions, whether that involves replacing individual panels or the entire garage door. Our experts are here to guide you in determining the best course of action for your garage door needs.

garage door panel replacement

Why Panel Replacement?

When the garage door panels break, there are two options: panel repair or panel replacement. Understandably, repair, in the long run, will turn out more costly than the replacement. Garage door experts in the industry globally advise against repairing one’s own garage door on one’s own. Garage door panels bear tremendous tension from the garage door spring. Hence, if someone unacquainted with garage door replacement panels or garage door panels repair attempts to fix it alone, it may cause serious injury.

In most cases, it is unnecessary to immediately replace the entire garage door. Replacing a few panels is a quick and more cost-efficient solution. Elite Garage Door Repairs has high-quality door panels made in the U.S., offers prompt service with seasoned technicians, and opens daily for seven days a week.

issues with garage door panels

There are options as to whether to replace the entire garage door or just the panels. We provide objective assessment and render expert opinions on what is needed based on the extent of the damage. Though ultimately, the decision remains with the clients.

When should garage door panels need to be replaced? There are different scenarios in which garage door panels need to be altogether changed. Listed below are the most common cases.

A bent panel of a garage door may cause the entire garage door to get stuck when the bent panel partly reverses its way up or down. Though there are some instances when it is feasible to simply repair the bent garage door panel, the damage will remain visible.

Typically, when the garage door panel breaks down, there are two options for intervention: replacing the entire garage door or replacing the garage door panels only. This depends on the severity of the damage. Assessing the feasibility of panel replacement comes first in the evaluation.

Garage door dents usually occur among steel garage doors. Minor impacts from hails, rocks, or baseballs hitting the garage door can cause dents, either slightly or seriously, on the garage door. Dented steel and aluminum doors are much easier to fix, while models made of wood may require replacement.

Common Causes of damaged panels

Garage door panels may suffer various forms of damage. The ones enumerated below are among the most common causes of damaged panels.

If the garage door goes off-track, it will most likely become bent with continuous usage. The force needed to operate the garage door will damage and bend the garage door panels.

As the garage door gets older, its appearance will be worn-out and used. The damage caused by the years of wear and tear will become evident as time goes by. As a consequence, panels will noticeably be filthy, rusted, and dented.

High temperatures, snowstorms, rain, hailstorms, and extreme cold are just among a few of the well-known natural elements that can damage garage door panels. They can threaten the panels to become rusted, dented, bent, or even broken.

Though minor collisions encountered by the garage door panels will not usually cause much damage, stronger accidents can lead to bent or broken panels. For instance, a car backing up into the garage door or a tree falling on the house.

Feel free to contact our Elite Garage Door Repairs for any queries and concerns regarding problems with garage door panels on any day of the week.

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