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Should you face any challenges with your garage door rollers and need professional support, Elite Garage Door Repairs is at your service.

Our experienced team excels in repairing garage door rollers, guaranteeing the smooth functioning of your garage door.

Feel free to reach out to us for resolving any issues you might have with your garage door rollers.


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Garage Door Roller Issues

There are a few different garage door roller issues you may run into. These are some of the
most common problems.

Even the best garage door roller will wear out over time. They aren’t meant to last forever but how long each roller lasts depends on factors such as type and the number of ball bearings.

Your garage door rollers will only work if they’re operating in the track they’re supposed to be in. If they get off track or the track itself isn’t anchored well, you’ll have some trouble.

Similarly, a dirty track will make it harder for your garage door roller to do its job. Keeping the track clean will help your garage door roller roll smoothly rather than drag along.

Garage door rollers move along the track easier with sufficient lubrication. Without enough lubrication, your garage door rollers are more likely to groan, creak, or screech as you open and close the garage door as well.

Types of garage Door Rollers

Similar to various other home repairs or enhancements, you have several choices regarding the type of garage door rollers you can select. Typically, garage door rollers are crafted from materials like plastic, nylon, or stainless steel.


Plastic garage door rollers are often used as the stock rollers you’ll see in new garage doors.
This roller type’s affordable cost helps this popularity. These usually don’t feature any ball
bearings. The tradeoff for plastic garage door rollers is that they don’t last quite as long as the nylon or stainless steel options you also have. They usually have a maximum life expectancy of a few years between replacements. This is why we use stronger options including nylon and stainless steel garage door rollers.

plastic garage door rollers

There are a few options among nylon garage door rollers depending on the number of ball
bearings you choose. You can choose between 10, 11, 12, and 13 rollers, or a 6200 ball
bearing system. Using anywhere from 10 to 13 bearings offers you a strong roller that will run with minimal noise. The only major difference between the number of bearings is that you may see a slightly longer lifespan with more bearings carrying the job for you. In general, you can expect nylon garage door rollers to last the next 15 to 20 years of regular use once they’re installed.

nylon garage door rollers

Before defaulting to plastic, garage doors were once almost automatically installed with
stainless steel garage door rollers. While they may not hold the same place as a standard stock option at this point, they maintain their popularity for good reason.
Stainless steel can offer a lot of durability and the number of bearings you decide on effects this. Similar to plastic rollers, skipping out on bearings will result in a garage door roller that will only last you a few years. For a longer-lasting option, you can opt for a stainless steel garage door roller with seven to 10 ball bearings, though, can last you up to 10 to 15 years. Additional bearings will also absorb some of the friction as they operate, offering a quieter, smoother experience.

steel garage door rollers

Why Trust Us to Replace Your Garage Door Rollers?

So, if your garage door rollers are giving you a problem, why should you call us?

For one, we can help you quickly! Open seven days a week, it won’t take long for our expert
technicians to make an appointment. When we arrive, we’ll take a look around and give you an
update on what’s going on, what we can do about it, and give you a cost estimate.

From there, our experts will get to work to get your garage door back up and running as soon as possible.

Plus, we can offer you high-quality options for garage rollers, all made in the United States and
available in both nylon and stainless steel options.

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